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The Great Kantō Earthquake and the Chimera of National Reconstruction in Japan


List of Illustrations, xi-xiv
Preface and Acknowledgments, xvi-xxii

Introduction, 1-12
Chapter 1. Cataclysm: The Earthquake Disaster as a Lived and Reported Experience, 13-46
Chapter 2. Aftermath: The Ordeal of Restoration and Recovery, 47-77
Chapter 3. Communication: Constructing the Earthquake as a National Tragedy, 78-115
Chapter 4. Admonishment: Interpreting Catastrophe as Divine Punishment, 116-152
Chapter 5. Optimism: Dreams for a New Metropolis Amid a Landscape of Ruin, 153-186
Chapter 6. Contestation: The Fractious Politics of Reconstruction Planning, 187-225
Chapter 7. Regeneration: Forging a New Japan Through Spiritual Renewal and Fiscal Retrenchment, 226-262
Chapter 8. Readjustment: Rebuilding Tokyo from the Ashes, 263-300
Chapter 9. Conclusion, 301-315

Notes, 317-346
Bibliography, 347-362
Index, 363-374

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